Starting Your Own Trick Shot Crew

Trick shots have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Not too long ago, there weren’t too many crews putting together cool tricks on the basketball court or even in more elaborate settings.

The success of Youtube has seen numerous crews, or sometimes solo performers, putting together cool shots that get millions of views. Trick shots are great for Youtube, but they can also be edited for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and other social media platforms, leading to tons more shares.

One of the biggest known crews are Dude Perfect. They don’t just do basketball shots, though, and do all kinds of sports from golf to football and frisbee. They actually make a full time living from their videos, sponsorships, and performing at events, so it is possible to take trick shots to a whole different level.

Check out this cool video they put together in April 2015:

Putting together your own crew

Firstly, look for people with the same kind of enthusiasm you have. You won’t pull off every shot immediately, so you need people who have the patience and dedication to work on the shots.

Secondly, be prepared to practice. The final shot might look incredible, but it will have taken time to set up the shot and then work on it until it is exceptional. If you expect everything to happen immediately, find another hobby.

Thirdly, don’t be afraid to go big. At first you might want to work on some cool shots in your backyard, but to capture attention you need something spectacular. People have seen the same old trick shots, so try to think outside the box. Implement some props or a weird location that hasn’t been done before.

Finally, promote your videos hard. Set up social media accounts and post links to each video you make. Edit the video into small chunks to post across other social media sites and ask your initial followers to share them too.

That’s it to begin with. Tricks shots should be about having fun with friends, but you might be able to turn it into a career. Watch the other trick shot crews on Youtube and figure out how you can stand out from the crowd.

Two Basketball Athletic Trick Shot

This is a cool trick shot video from Kevin Libertowski that features two basketballs and a trampoline.

CNN asked the question, “best trick shot ever – or fake?“. I think there are enough camera angles and enough other videos from Kevin to be sure this is not fake.

He admits that it took 15-20 hours to make over 5-10 days, so you know he tried the trick plenty of times. The two basketball element adds an additional touch because the timing becomes critical.

The hoop is 63 – 67 feet from the trampoline and the video shows Kevin is a very athletic person who can do all kinds of flips while also maintaining focus on his shot.

Check it out and also take a look at the other cool videos he is creating from the backyard of his house.